Weekend in Atlanta, GA!

Last weekend we were 5 girls renting a car, driving to check out the big city; Atlanta! :) It was an amazing weekend in Georgia were we went to the World Coca Cola Factory, got a tour inside the CNN Head Quarters and we went to the famous Aquarium. We ate at Hard Rock Cafe and other nice restaurants during our stay. At the Aquarium we also went to a dolphin show, which was really cool! 

We also went to a disco to dance and have some fun out-life:) In downtown Charleston there are mostly bars (no disco’s), so that have been missed a bit :) It was a fun saturday night! 

We slept in a very nice hotel because of a good deal we got. It was downtown and walking distance to everything, which was nice! 

A weekend there was a good length, but it was really cool to have been there! We had a blast from the start of our car ride! After all school work it is nice to get away for a couple of days and see something else. On top of it all we got to check out a new State as well:)

Take advantage of all the possibilities you can! And get together with more people, there are so many good deals out there! America has a lot to offer and a lot to see:) 

A day of real American culture :)

So since The College Of Charleston don’t have a football team (because it’s located in downtown Charleston, so there are no space for a court) we went to a football game to another college pretty close to here. It’s a famous military school called the Citadel. They’re mascot is a bulldog :) So as every other american college have, they’re mascot was walking around during the game, waiving to the supporters :) 

Since this school is a military school they had “show” with the cannons fire (those was loud! haha) and a march. Was pretty cool to look at!

Before the game we did as they call it “tailgating” - like a pre party/ social event before a game. We had a BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and sodas :D Played some games and talked:) 

It was a great saturday, where the sun came and the heat followed. We could sit and watch the game in t-shirts, that was kinda nice I think, when being in the month of november haha! :) 

They won as well! During the “timeouts” there was stuff happening all the time, and we had fun as an audience! Free toy footballs and free t-shirts was thrown up to us ++ The fun there was if we could catch one, some of us did, felt like a kid agin there! lol

Then later that evening there was the first basketball game this season at our college, which we also went to. That was fun as well :) 

A real American spirit ! 

Go Cougars!